Where it all started...

Back in 2012, a group of highly passionate anglers wanted to build a trail that would bring competitiveness, passion, and the love of the outdoors all together. Bluegrass Yakmasters was formed, bringing anglers from all over the state to fish the best waters Kentucky had to offer. It’s something that has built life long friendships, showed what this state was capable of in the sport of Kayak Bass Fishing and offered something that Kentucky had not seen before.

Where we are headed...

Late 2021, the idea of getting a trail started in Kentucky again was on our minds. Kentucky deserved a top tier tournament trail that brought the best anglers to fish against each other, and bring back a much needed sense of community. BKA was brought back to life. BKA had everything we needed to get going again. When people heard to rumblings, there was an electric feeling in the air. We all got together, knowing that this was going to be something special. In 2022, Nick Stepp led us to an extremely successful year back and he made sure that BKA would be here to stay. With over 30 years of combined experience working tirelessly behind the scenes, BKA is the future of kayak bass fishing for Kentucky and it’s anglers.


Kyler Storm Branaum

BKA is where he got his start back in 2015, Kyler adds to the bass tournament experience from the past 7 years, fishing competitively and past 12 years out of a kayak. Hookset is kind of weak though

Jay Wallen

One of the Original Founders of BKA back in 2012, Jay has been a hammer locally and nationally for well over a decade, adding experience in every aspect of the game. throws a fit when he doesn’t catch 105″ on his favorite lake.

Nick Stepp

Host of the Evolving Angler podcast, and seasoned angler among all species of fish in KY, from Sturgeon to sunfish. Nick brought BKA back to life  in 2022, giving KY a well deserved trail. Not to balanced when catching drones.

Paul Averill

Different perspectives, a love for everything outdoors, Paul helps in every way possible and is the epitome what sportsmanship, community and passion looks like. Loves his livescope more than he likes to admit…

Adam Shepard

A Biologist with the KY Dept. Fish and Wildlife Resources, Adam brings monumental experience on Kentucky’s Fisheries, and goes out of his way to help other anglers, while simultaneously catching giants. secretly makes everyone jealous of his big bass.